How I Verified spring4shell Was Real

On March 30th, I started my day off the same way I typically do, catching up on infosec news on Twitter. This day though, I noticed a vague post come through about an exploit that impacted the Spring framework that…


everyone seems to like posting their wins, which is great (seriously), but it isn’t often that people post about their losses. the last 24 hours have been one of the most humbling experiences in my professional career….

My adventures in self-hosting part 2

Over a year ago I published a post on my initial adventures in self-hosting outlining what I was using, what I was trying to get rid of, etc. Awhile back a friendly e-mail came in from someone who had…

My adventures in self-hosting

Some people’s new years resolution was to lose weight, others was to give themselves more “me” time. Mine was to move off of as much SaaS offerings as I could in an attempt to start taking back my privacy….

I owe my career to being a script kiddie

It’s an uncomfortable feeling when you have to tell your mom that the internet service she had been paying for had just been terminated….

Have some extra cash? Help make your life easier

If you have some extra cash maybe you would consider donating some of it to one of the various open source projects that you likely use almost every single day? I know it is easy to forgot about where many…